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Exclusive brands - evo hair - FFØR - LAKMÉ - foil me foils - Lock Stock and Barrel - Visit CULT Salon Brands section…….

About Us

When we started it was all about exclusive brands & offering a unique blend of education with customer service, delivering good business knowledge & support to our network of customers. This is still a big part of our business today but the time has come to offer our customers new & old all of the major premium brands with great prices at a time when our hair industry needs it most. 

A family run business, based in Northampton and now through our online store we can serve hairdressers & barbers throughout the United Kingdom. We also work with exclusive brands evo, Lakmē, FFØR, foil me & Lock, Stock & Barrel. All of these are postcode based.

We hope you enjoy your experience of shopping with us, we want to support our industry through competitive pricing & reliability based on our existing reputation. If you have any questions or enquiries about products not on our online store feel free to get in touch.

Our website is for professionals only. You must be a qualified hairdresser or barber to purchase from us.