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Step 1 – Shampoo Protection and Cleanliness The Shampoo developed with pH balance and cleansing agents, to increase fibre resistance, cleans gently without aggression and prepares the hair for step 2.

Step 2 – Repairing and Reducing Volume This product provides volume reduction, natural straightness and repairs damage caused by the general chemical processes.

Step 3 – Repairing and Nourishing Mask This product was developed with a repairing concentrate based on bio functional cystine and vital nutrients for the hair.

How to Use

Step 1.

Wash the hair twice with the Deep Cleansing Shampoo Using only a small amount of the shampoo with each wash (approximately 2-3 pumps per head) roughdry hair to 100% dry/humidity. DO NOT COMB.

Step 2.

Section the hair into 4 parts (hot cross bun) and apply the Volume Reducer step 2 section by section using a tint brush, starting from the back of the head and work your way towards the front leaving 1cm gap from the roots, not touching the scalp and comb it through to the tips. The hair should feel damp but not wet.

Leave on the hair according to the following: Slightly frizzy hair: 15 minutes

Wavy / curly hair: 25 minutes

Very curly/frizzy hair: 40-60 minutes

After applying Step 2, check and see if the product has been absorbed into the hair, if any parts look dry apply more (for wavy and curly hair check in every 15 minutes).

Using a paddle brush, blast the hair to 100% dry, using your hands only starting from the back and work your way towards the front. Section the hair again into 4 parts, use a straightening iron (maximum 180°C) to straighten the hair section by section, starting from the back towards the front and repeat this 4 times for each section. This activates and seals the treatment.

Step 3.

Divide the hair into small sections. Apply a generous amount (e.g..: 5 pumps per head) of the Balm Restructure and massage it through the sections of hair starting from the back towards the front. Leave on for 15 minutes or 25 minutes for long hair then rinse completely with warm water. Blow dry & style hair as normal.

Do not colour your hair for 10 days before or after the Perfect Shine Blow Dry.